Tensormeter Model RTM1

The Tensormeter RTM1 solves the limitations of 4-wire-measurements by measuring the resistivity tensor

It makes resistance measurements resilient against geometry changes and provides greater precision.

The Tensormeter RTM1 is designed for automated scientific characterization measurements. With only one device and one automated measurement a full set of electrical parameters can be derived for a comprehensive electrical sample characterization. 

Tensormeter´s big advantage over devices like Source/Measure Units or Lock-in Amplifiers is the integrated switching matrix. The RTM1 does not have any predefined connections, but provides 8 BNC connection sockets, whose function (input or output) can be freely determined by the user, but is then switched internally by the device. This enables measurements to be carried out with alternating connections of the sample contacts without having to combine several other devices. 

Tensormeter's BNC connectors provide easy connectivity to many different measurement setups, such as cryostats, vacuum systems or probe stations. Up to 8 different sample contacts can be connected to the instrument. The software offers presets for common measurement modes, but any user-specific switching sequences can also be easily specified. 

The RTM1 comes with a 19“ rack-mountable unit. All functions can be completely controlled by a PC using our proprietary control software. The software communicates via the TCP protocol, which allows the device to be integrated into any lab environment (Labview, C, Python, ...). 

Electrical Specifications

  • Precission: <0.1 ppm 
  • Continuous dynamic range: > 8 digits 
  • Symmetrical Output: DC to 20 kHz, ±20 V, ±100 mA 
  • Output noise: < -140 dBFS 
  • Pulse / arbitrary function output with 10 μs resolution 
  • Fully controllable integrated 8x4 switching matrix 

Hardware/software specifications

  • TCP-based user connection 
  • Client communication examples for LabView and Python 
  • 19” rack-mountable device, 3 height units, 25 cm depth 
  • Power demand < 30 W, PSU included 
  • BNC front connectors, 50 Ω type 
  • USB Type B communication connector 

Examples for measurement sequences

Van-der-Pauw sheet resistance measurement on unstructured thin films

Zero-offset Hall measurement (exact separation of longitudinal and transverse resistance even with unstructured samples)

Current pulses through a pair of contacts, then 4-wire measurement on other contacts

Alternating measurements on a "real" test structure and on a neighboring dummy test structure to compensate for various interference effects 

Tensormeter Magnetotransport Measurement System TMCS

The TMCS is a complete setup for temperature and magnetic field-dependent sheet and Hall resistance measurements.

In addition to the Tensormeter as a stand-alone device, we provide a fully integrated magneto-transport measuring systems with a rotatable magnetic field <1.3 T and a low-temperature helium-cryostat >20 K. 

User-specific modifications are possible. Ask for details.